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With enforcement of DPL on April 7, 2016, the practice began to take shape rapidly with the guidelines published by Data Protection Authority and the decisions of the Authoriy. In accordance with this law, all data controllers are obliged to take the necessary administrative and technical measures in order to legally process and preserve personal data and to provide access to these data in accordance with the law.

Compliance with the DPL is the effective and sustainable harmonization of all personal data processed by natural or legal persons, both legally and technically. Measures to be taken to comply with DPL may require a holistic approach with complex solutions. In particular, the sustainability of DPL process management is very important for a business to comply with this law.

Data Controllers are obliged to act in accordance with the principles and procedures of DPL in all their personal data processing activities from the moment of obtaining data.

The fact that personal data sharing channels (social media, search engines, etc.) are an indispensable part of daily life, the rapid development of technology, the use of the internet in all areas and the increase in malicious software for data theft constantly threaten information security. For this reason, the desire to keep the access of personal data under control has revealed a personal data management issue.

With regards to Cybersecurity, investing in technology at certain points in the system, having penetration tests or keeping the systems up-to-date are not sufficient solutions for personal data security. Personal data security can only be provided with full compliance with the DPL, by producing special solutions for each business, taking into account the entire organizational structure and risks. As a result, processes and policies need to be managed and taken into account.

Dataficate is a product that solves and manages the personal data issues with a legislative approach. Dataficate is a holistic DPL management software that can be used comfortably for all businesses.


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