Terms of Use

1. Introduction This website is offered by Certby Uluslararası Denetim Belgelendirme ve Eğitim Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi (hereafter referred as “CertBy”)and provides information on products of CertBy for commercial sale and blog posts prepared by third party parties and/or websites. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is complete and accurate. CertBy assumes no liability for errors that may occur in the content of this website. Before using the information on our website in question, carefully read the text of these Terms of Use. Your access to and use of the Services will mean that you have read and accepted these terms.

2. Usage The pages of our site and our products are protected by copyright. For any reason, our Product and Service content cannot be copied, reproduced, sold, rented or traded. CertBy reserves the right to claim compensation for any loss or damage it may suffer for this reason.

3. Terms of Use and General Principles

• Our brand is provided solely for the purpose of promoting our products and providing information and for the commercial use of Users. Use in the opposite direction will not be allowed.
• General honesty and goodwill rules are essential in the use of the content we provide. The information provided while creating the demo request and communication must not contain or imitate information belonging to other natural or legal persons.
• No logo, content, visual, sound, music, design and similar interests related to the Services and products cannot be used for commercial purposes, reflected or recorded without the prior written approval of the CertBy.
• CertBy's privacy and security measures and practices will be adhered to.
• In case of violation of the above principles, CertBy reserves the right to demand compensation for any loss or damage it may suffer. The principles and obligations to which the visitors are subject are not limited to those here, and the visitors must not perform acts that are prohibited and/or constitute a crime within the scope of the legislation, and must not act contrary to the general principles and principles of law, even if not foreseen in the legislation.

4. Intellectual Property Rights and User Content Nothing in these Terms of Use and its supplementary parts shall be construed as granting a license or right to Intellectual Property Rights. CertByreserves all Intellectual Property Rights regarding its Services and Products. Do not share any information, data and/or ideas that you consider confidential within the scope of the Services. Otherwise, CertBy will not be liable in any way and will not make any payments if they are used.

5. Not taking responsibility for Third Party Websites This website contains hyperlinks to other websites received by third parties, the contents of which are unknown to CertBy. CertByonly provides access to these sites and does not accept any responsibility for their content. The availability of links to third-party websites is only to provide you with information and to compile statistics. Statements on the linked sites are not made by us. We expressly have no affiliation with any of the content on any third party pages linked from our website. In particular, we do not accept any responsibility for the violation or violation of the legal provisions in force on these pages by third parties. CertBy accepts no responsibility for violations or violations of trademarks law, copyright law and other intellectual property or personal rights on sites linked by a hyperlink from the Dataficate website. This responsibility applies to all links displayed on the dataficate.com website and to any website to which the visitor is directed by the link.

6. Communication, Feedback and Notification CertBy may notify you for promotion and marketing via communication interfaces in line with the information entered, and via e-mail or other communication method to be sent to the contact address you will provide to us.